BWI Tucson Lending Library

About the Babywearing International of Tucson Lending Library

One of Tucson Babywearers’ / BWI Tucson’s main purposes is to have carriers available at our meetings and other events for parents to look at, feel, and try on. Nothing is more frustrating than investing a large sum of money into a carrier that ends up not working for your family.

Our Lending Library will be available at designated meetings for anyone to look at or try on. Getting a carrier home and using it in your day-to-day life can make a big difference when deciding what works best for you and your family’s needs. BWI Tucson dues-paying members in good standing are permitted to borrow a carrier from our Lending Library for a 4-week rental term for FREE. (As of  5/24/14 there will be no one time rentals you must be a member to borrow a carrier from the library)

We strive to maintain a Lending Library of carriers that are in good condition, affordable, and from reputable manufacturers. Nothing may be more frustrating than falling in love with a product only to find that it is no longer available…or super hard to find…or $500…or all three!

Our Lending Library is meant as a “try before you buy” resource, and we hope to bring as wide a variety of carriers as possible…but we need your help through your interest in joining as a BWI / BWI Tucson Member! As a group, we strive to maintain the library to high standards, and there are a few amazing babywearing businesses that help support us in that effort – we encourage you to support those businesses by purchasing from them when you try out and love one of the awesome babywearing carriers that they have helped bring to our Lending Library.

What else do I need to know about the Lending Library?

Please take a moment to read “What is the Lending Library and How Does It Work?”. Most all of your questions should be answered there. If you still have a few, please feel free to email us at

Your Admins are:
Brooke Rosenau
Cybil Bailey
Kimberly Fyffe
Lela Williams
Miriam Christensen
Stephanie Springer
BWI Tucson Volunteer Babywearing Educators:
Cybil Bailey (VBE)
Candace Treiber (VBE)
Miriam Christensen (VBE)
Kelly Feinstein-Johnson (VBE)
Valentina Kachanovskaya (VBE)
Lela Williams (VBE)
Jenni Lamfers (VBE)

Lending Library Co-Coordinators:
Leslie Ckonjevic
Jenni Lamfers
Brenda Lundt
Cynthia Moctezuma
Jamie Niles

How Do I Sign Up?

Ready to become a dues-paying member of Babywearing International of Tucson? Good news! We now have an online Google Form to make it a breeze to review our Membership & Lending Library Agreement and sign-up for your Membership (complete with a PayPal link to pay your dues!):


What Carriers Do You Have in the Lending Library?

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