Carry of the Month for November: Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC) & Secure High Back Carry (SHBC)…and variations

COTM #5: Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC) & Secure High Back Carry (SHBC)…and variations

Over the past few months we have focused on the foundation of learning to use a wrap through both front and hip carries. You have learned to make a good seat. how to tighten and remove slack, how to tie off a carry. Once babywearers get these basics down, they are often anxious to try something new! And new woven wrap users are often equally as eager to learn back carries, so this week we will be introducing the Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC) and Secure High Back Carry (SHBC) – both are great back carries to start with for so many reasons!

If you are new to wovens, we HIGHLY recommend you practice becoming familiar with wrapping through our previous Carry of the Month’s: COTM #1 FWCC & PWCC , COTM #2: FCC & SCC, COTM #3: Hip Carry Series, and COTM #4: Kangaroo & Hip Kangaroo.

If you’re still learning (or just starting to learn!) back carries using a woven wrap, you are probably familiar with the workout you get from trying to tie a baby on your back with a wrap – the sweating, the awkward position, the sore thighs/arms/stomach from standing at that awful 45 degree, semi-squat position angle.

Well, good news! Our first “Back” Carry of the Month is a really nice one to start with because it has some great features including a knot that you tie right away after getting baby on your back to give some added comfort knowing your baby is tied securely to you before moving on. It also has some nice stopping points for you to pause and catch your breath and figure out what the next step is without completely messing up your wrap job.

The basic BWCC and the SHBC incorporate a chest belt (video tutorials posted below). This chest belt is nice because it gives you a knot to secure baby right after you get them on your back. The chestbelt also keeps the wrap out of your arm pits (a common complaint of some back carries), and is also pretty easy on the shoulders. BWCC is a great carry for those who struggle with getting a good seat or for those who have a little one who is a “seat popper” because the last two passes of the carry compensate for a popped seat as long as those passes are nice and snug and nicely spread across your baby’s back and bottom.

One important note: BWCC is a naturally lower / mid-back carry because of how the wrap comes under your arms, knots at the chest, and then goes over your shoulders from the front rather than how most back carries have the shoulder passes come over your shoulder first thing (which tends to lift baby and keep them up). But that knot/chestbelt of the BWCC is what makes it such a great beginner back carry! Also, being a carry that has baby sit a little bit lower on your back makes the BWCC a nice naptime or cuddling carry because they can really snuggle into and against your back. SHBC gets baby higher up on your back, but uses the same principles of the BWCC.

Try the BWCC out and let us know what you think…and be sure to check back in next week to see what carry we’ll feature next!

Safety: Please read our Disclaimer and also keep in mind that if this is your first time doing a back carry, or even this particular carry, you should have a spotter and/or practice over a soft surface such as a bed or a couch, or even kneeling on a carpeted floor, and use a “spotter” if available. You can also practice with a doll or stuffed animal first until you feel comfortable.

If you are a beginner with woven wraps, we recommend that your child be approximately 6 months old, with good neck control/head support, and able to sit before attempting any back carry.

Stretchy wraps (such as the Moby, Boba Wrap, DIY knit wraps, etc) are not safe for back carrying and should NOT be used for back carries.

We have these videos and more (including variations) and tutorials detailing how to make a good seat in a back carry, as well as how to get baby on and OFF your back…all linked on our COTM #5 Pinterest board .  Go check it out!

Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC) – with a chestbelt

Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC) – with a chestbelt / tied “Tibetan” (no verbal instructions, but some great tips are demonstrated!)

Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC) – with a chestbelt

Secure High Back Carry (SHBC) 

Secure High Back Carry (SHBC)