COTW: Jordan’s Back Carry (JBC)

COTW for the week of June 24th is: Jordan’s Back Carry (JBC)


COTW for the week of June 24th is: Jordan’s Back Carry (JBC)

The Jordan’s Back Carry (JBC) is a popular multi-layer, high back carry using a medium-long to long wrap, depending on wrapper size and wrapping options; the Half JBC can be done with less wrap length than the standard JBC and its variations. This carry works well for wiggly babies, and is also great for arms-in, or arms-out positioning.

JBC can be done with some variations, including a Half JBC, two cross passes, two Rebozo passes, as well as an option for a chestbelt (great for beginners!).

Standard JBC

JBC Variation

JBC with 2 Rebozo Passes

JBC with a Chestbelt

Half JBC with a CCCB (Candy-Cane Chest Belt)

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