Part II of our WCRS Series: How does one get a Wrap Conversion Ring Sling?

Ok, so I am interested in a Wrap Conversion Ring Sling (WCRS), now where do I get one?!
There are essentially THREE ways to get a WCRS…

1. Buy a “Ready-Made” WCRS from an Online Retailer
Some “slingifiers” (seamstresses/small businesses that convert a woven wrap into a ring sling) sell ready-made wrap conversion ring slings directly on their websites in addition to their standard ring slings. There are also some online companies that carry ready-made WCRSs. A few to check out include Sleeping Baby Productions (SBP), Zanytoes, PAXbaby, and Sweetbottoms Baby.

Sleeping Baby Productions ready-made Easycare and Ellaroo WCRS (starting at $75 per WCRS):

Zanytoes ready-made WCRS include Girasol and Storchenweige (from $95 per WCRS):

Sweetbottoms Baby carries ready-made Dolcino WCRS by Sleeping Baby Productions starting at $99 per WCRS):

PAXBaby also carries a wide-variety of ready-made WCRS (starting at $98 per WCRS):

2. Have a Woven Wrap “Converted” into a Custom-Made WCRS
Some babywearers will already have a woven wrap in their collection that they have selected for having made into a custom-made WCRS. Others will buy a short woven (size 2 or smaller) or “split” a wrap with another babywearer specifically for this purpose. Once you have the woven, you can then send it into the “slingifier” of your choice to have converted into a WCRS. Some of the more popular companies for having a wrap converted into a ring sling, including:

Sleeping Baby Productions (SBP):
Zanytoes Ring Slings:
Kalea Baby:
Comfy Joey:
*each of the companies listed above meet the standards set forth by the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA) and have met the requirements necessary by the BCIA/ASTM to manufacture safe baby carriers.

What else do I need to know about having a custom WCRS made?
– It is important to know how long of a piece of woven wrap you need to have a WCRS made. SBP has a great calculator on their site for this purpose:

– You will also want to consider what length of sling you are wanting…another great chart for sizing is available at SBP:

– Another important consideration is what type of shoulder you will want your ring sling to have. Each conversion artist/slingifier has their own individual style or custom options. Some of the most popular shoulder styles are: pleated, gathered, and a hybrid pleated-gathered (which also includes SBP’s patented “Eesti” shoulder).

3. Buy a Used WCRS on an Online Buy/Sell/Trade Forum
A very popular way to obtain a WCRS is to buy a used one from another babywearer. Asking in your local babywearing group may turn up some options. Otherwise, there are a few online babywearing communities that have been created specifically for this purpose.

Facebook Groups
There are a few groups on Facebook for buying/selling and trading used baby carriers, including WCRSs (please be sure to closely review and abide by group rules upon joining!):
The Babywearing Swap:!/groups/thebabywearingswap/
Babywearing on a Budget:!/groups/156002947911287/

TheBabywearer.comA long-standing online babywearing community, , also features a “For Sale or Trade” (FSOT) forum for individuals interested in buying and selling used baby carriers, including WCRSs. Upon registering/requesting membership at, you will have access to these FSOT forums and can begin your search!

A WCRS is an excellent investment for your babywearing collection, however, please remember that if it does not fit into your budget (custom conversions average $30 to $75 (including shipping both ways) per sling), many of the “slingifiers” also offer affordable standard options that are a little more budget-friendly.

If a WCRS is simply outside your budget, please rest assured the standard fabrics available from most ring sling makers are more than adequate for babywearing; a slingified wrap is hardly a necessity for comfortable, safe babywearing!

Part I of our WCRS Series: What IS a WCRS / Wrap Conversion Ring Sling, anyhow??


A Wrap Conversion Ring Sling (WCRS) is a piece of woven wrap that has been cut and made into a ring sling. It combines the best of both worlds utilizing the amazing carrying qualities of a woven wrap with the ease and simplicity of a ring sling. They are appropriate for long-term wearing, from newborns through preschoolers, and many wearers find them more supportive than standard fabrics.

Woven wraps are popular for converting into ring slings because they are both beautiful and tend to be more supportive than cotton or linen typically would be. Because wraps are woven specifically for babywearing, with thick threads and a wide, open weave, they are very comfortable. Due to the way they’re woven, wraps also have a “give” to them that is harder to find in standard fabrics. Woven wraps vary greatly in thickness and support depending on the maker and colorway (the pattern or style of the wrap); there are a variety of fabric blends as well, including cotton, linen, hemp, silk, wool, and bamboo blends. These qualities make for a wonderfully comfortable (and beautiful!) ring sling.

Although a WCRS is an ideal staple for all babywearing collections, if woven wraps/WCRS are outside your budget, please rest assured the standard fabrics available from most ring sling makers are more than adequate for babywearing; a slingified wrap is hardly a necessity for comfortable, safe babywearing!

Please watch for our upcoming post in this series about how to buy a WCRS and/or have a wrap converted into a WCRS, including different shoulder options, conversion artists, etc!