Short Answers to a Few of the Most Commonly Asked DIY Questions

DIY: FAQ or “Short Answers to a Few of the Most Commonly Asked DIY Questions”

Q: What fabric is suitable for a woven wrap?
A: Osnaburg cotton (a type of muslin), midweight 100% linen or linen blends, some lighterweight upholstery fabrics. Look for mid- to heavier weight fabrics that do not stretch, but have a bit of give. Synthetic materials (such as polyester) really should be avoided. Cotton gauze may be used as well, just keep in mind it is a thin fabric, and may not be *as* supportive for longer periods of time or heavier kiddos, and many users complain of it “digging” on the shoulders (especially in back carries).

Q: How do I go about making a DIY wrap?
A: has some great tips and recommendations for making a DIY wrap.

Q: Where can I buy sling rings (rings used for making ring slings)?
A: Rings from are specifically manufactured for use in baby carriers. Medium or large aluminums are what is most recommended for making ring slings.

Q: How much fabric should I buy if I am making a DIY wrap?
A: Buy extra to account for shrinkage!! Standard wrap lengths:

size 2 – 2.7 meters = 8.86 feet = 102.36 inches = 2.84 yards

size 3 – 3.1 meters = 10.17 feet = 122.05 inches = 3.39 yards

size 4 – 3.6 meters = 11.81 feet = 141.73 inches = 3.94 yards

size 5 – 4.2 meters = 13.78 feet = 165 inches = 4.58 yards

size 6 – 4.6 meters = 15.09 feet = 181.10 inches = 5.03 yards

size 7 – 5.2 meters = 17.06 feet = 204.72 inches = 5.69 yards

size 8 – 5.60 meters = 18.37 feet = 220.47 inches = 6.12 yards

Q: I’m looking for a pattern for a WCMT with wrap straps / SSC / MT / Half Buckle
A: is a great resource…check out their DIY Forums. Also, be sure to take a look at the following tutorials:

-Let’s Make a Mei Tai, Part I:
-Let’s Make a Mei Tai, Part II:

-Making a Tablecloth Mei Tai:

Q: How do I sew a ring sling?
A: Check out these links from Jan of Sleeping Baby Productions:
Sewing a Ring Sling:
Ring Sling Shoulders:

Other ring sling tutorials can be found at: and

Q: I’m interested in making and selling baby carriers, where do I start?
A: You need to be CPSIA compliant, aware of your state and local regulations for owning and operating a business out of your home, and up to date with current ASTM safety testing requirements. This article by the BCIA (it’s a wise decision to become a member) covers more:
…and Jan of Sleeping Baby Productions (the ring sling guru!) has some very good recommendations as well:

Q: Where can I go for more DIY advice, tutorials, troubleshooting, community, etc?
A: The Facebook group, “Babywearing DIY Advice and Support” is a great resource: They have a file called “DIY Links” that is a ton of great information for everything DIY in babywearing:
And, of course, the gold standard in Babywearing forums and information,, has a long-standing DIY Forum:

Please also check out our Tucson Babywearers’ Pinterest page for links to many, many great tutorials!

“Happy Being Crafty & Babywearing!!”