Carry of the Month for June: FWCC / PWCC / FWCC Variations

COTM #1: Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC), Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (PWCC), and FWCC Variations

We will be starting our Carry of the Month with the classic Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) and its sister, the Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (PWCC). For those of you that have been using wraps for a while, you probably have both of these down pat, as they are (more than likely), the first techniques that most of us used to wrap our babies. So, for you, we have some FWCC Variations below (last 4 videos)…try them out and let us know what you think!

For those that are just venturing into wrapping, or want to learn more, this is a great, all-around carrier for a variety of wrap types (stretchy wraps, gauze wraps, hybrid wraps, wovens, DIY wraps, you name it!). FWCC and PWCC are also great for smaller babies and for beginner babywearers! However, even experienced babywearers often fall back on the FWCC as it is an amazingly comfy, easy to learn, and very secure carry – even with those “leg straightening babies”.

FWCC is great for all ages, from newborn to toddler, and it’s relatively easy to learn and tie. PWCC (or as some may know from their Moby Wrap experience, the “Hug Hold”) is great for stretchy wraps and smaller babies (although you can use the PWCC with wovens, too!). While there are several variations of FWCC/PWCC, for the “average” sized mama, a size 6 wrap works best (although more petite babywearers may be able to use a 5).

The most important thing to remember (as always) is to get a good seat – knees above bum and fabric spreading from knee-to-knee. For those teeny newborns, also make sure you have good head support – you can either tuck their head in or roll up a blanket or burp rag and fold it into the horizontal panel to provide more support for their head (once you’re all wrapped up).

Safety: If this is your first time using a wrap, or even this particular carry, please be sure to practice wrapping your baby over a soft surface such as a bed or a couch. You can even practice with a doll or stuffed animal first until you feel comfortable with making a “seat” and securing the passes and tying the wrap. Working near a mirror or reflective surface is also helpful so that you can better see how your baby is positioned in the carry and whether or not you have their knees above their bum and fabric spread from knee-to-knee.

Be sure to check back in next month to see what our next COTM will be!

Front Wrap Cross Carry / FWCC

Front Wrap Cross Carry / FWCC – with wrap folded/shoulder variation

Front Wrap Cross Carry / FWCC – with a Newborn

FWCC and PWCC (Pocket Wrap Cross Carry)



FWCC Tied at Shoulder / FWCC TAS (for longer wrap)

Half Front Wrap Cross Carry (for mid-length wrap)

Semi-Front Wrap Cross Carry (for short- to mid-length wrap)

FWCC Tied at Shoulder – with a Newborn

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