“Golden Rule of Babywearing”

“The Golden Rule of Babywearing: Treat all babywearers with the respect we would like to be treated with. Whether new or experienced, all babywearers are parents that love their babies and want to wear them. They deserve to be treated kindly without judgement.”

Please take a few moments to read the wonderful article entitled “Golden Rule of Babywearing” linked below. It is a great reminder for new and experienced babywearers alike about what babywearing really means. So often, new-to-babywearing parents feel judged or belittled for not using what others in the babywearing community deem to be the “ideal carrier.”

As a group, we at Tucson Babywearers are in agreement with the ideas expressed in this article…babywearing is not just about which carrier you choose to use, it is about keeping your baby close and wearing your baby safely. That is all. Simple as that.

We do feel that many carriers are more comfortable than others and would love to show you what options might work best for your family, but we do not wish to exclude or judge any parent based upon the carrier they have right now, at this moment.

We think it is beautiful that you have made the choice to have your little one close…to hear your heartbeat and to feel your warmth, and we wholeheartedly support you on this journey into babywearing!

“Golden Rule of Babywearing”